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Choose between storage from V or Quadro

We talk about a «paperless society», but despite of that, we still need room for storage at our workplace – that is a fact. At Cube Design we are constantly trying to improve our products to ensure that all of our products have the highest quality. Below you will find two series of storage: V and Quadro. Both storage series have the same excellent quality  and durability – the difference is in the detail. V is made with a mitre joint giving the bookcase a nice and stylish look. Normally such a mitre joint would cause the bookcase to be more fragile, but this mitre joint is made with an impact-resistant ABS-edge, which means that this storage series is made for frequent use.


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V bookcase

V is the name of a bookcase series by Cube Design A Bookcase with the name V – perhaps you are thinking; Why did you name the new storage series V? The answer is simple, we gave it the name V because of the shape we see several places. You will find it in the […]

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Detalje billede af hjørnet på en Quadro reol.

Quadro cabinets

A durable storage series A storage series containing everything from a pedestals to wall-mounted cabinets. On this site you will find a wide range of products offered in the Quadro storage series. In the series you will find bookcases, cabinets, sliding door cabinets, pull-out cabinets, pedestals, roll front cabinets and recycling stations. Every product in […]

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