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Furniture produced in Denmark


Cube Design has two storage series: V and Quadro. We manufacture both series at our factory in Denmark.
Cube Design is order-producing, which means that we produce everything from scratch. Every time. You choose everything from color and material on the cabinet and fronts to support and handles.

Cube Design’s storage is characterized by stability, robustness and, not least the fact that the cabinet is made of laminate with 2 mm impact resistant ABS edges. The 2 mm impact-resistant ABS edge is one of the reasons why Cube Design’s storage still looks like new even after 10 years.

All fronts are made with high-pressure laminate. The cabinet is made of 16 mm plates with a backing of 8 mm.

If you prefer veneer, we ensure that the quality of the veneer is very good. Our veneer products get up to 7x lacquer so that the durability meets our high standard.

Remember, we always have a 10 years warranty on all of our storage. In addition, Cube Design provides a five-year supplemental guarantee.

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