Spider high table

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Spider high table
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Surfaces (65)
White 1040
HPL: White
Light grey 1109
HPL: Light grey
Medium grey 1115
HPL: Medium grey
Antracit U164 BS
HPL: Anthracite
Koksgrå 1290
HPL: Charcoal grey
Black 1015
HPL: Black
HPL: Oak
Kashmir 0187
HPL: Kashmir
Dark Chocolate 2200
HPL: Dark Chocolate
Beaujolais 0188
HPL: Beaujolais
Carnaval 1238
HPL: Carnaval
Clementine 2962
HPL: Clementine
Levante 3210
HPL: Levante
Sol 3209
HPL: Sol
Saffron 7024
HPL: Saffron
Marina 7433
HPL: Marina
Dusty Jade 7879
HPL: Dusty Jade
Capri 1326
HPL: Capri
Grotto 7846
HPL: Grotto
Hunter Green 7967
HPL: Hunter Green
Vibrant Green 6901
HPL: Vibrant Green
Lemon 8755
HPL: Lemon
Avacado 3236
HPL: Avacado
Navy Blue 7969
HPL: Navy Blue
Tahiti 0157
HPL: Tahiti
Tropical Blue 2828
HPL: Tropical Blue
Monaco 5127
HPL: Monaco
China Blue 7884
HPL: China Blue
Iris 1194
HPL: Iris
Fontana 1850
HPL: Fontana
Amarena 6907
HPL: Amarena
Orchid 5346
HPL: Orchid
Heather 0233
HPL: Heather
Nero Ingo_0720
Fenix: Nero Ingo
Grigio Londra_0718
Fenix: Grigio Londra
Bianco Malé_0029
Fenix: Bianco Male
Cube Design | linoleum | nero 4023
Linoleum: Nero
Cube Design | linoleum | mauve 4172
Linoleum: Mauve
Cube Design | linoleum | burgundy 4154
Linoleum: Burgundy
Smokey blue 4179
Linoleum: Smokey blue
Cube Design | linoleum | conifer 4174
Linoleum: Conifer
Olive 4184
Linoleum: Olive
Cube Design | linoleum | pistachio 4183
Linoleum: Pistachio
4182 Spring green
Linoleum: Spring green
Linoleum: Pearl
Cube Design | linoleum | mushroom 4176
Linoleum: Mushroom
Cube Design | linoleum | pebble 4175
Linoleum: Pebble
Ash 4132
Linoleum: Ash
Cube Design | linoleum | Pewter 4155
Linoleum: Pewter
Iron 4178
Linoleum: Iron
Cube Design | linoleum | charcoal 4166
Linoleum: Charcoal
4181 Midnight blue
Linoleum: Midnight blue
4180 Aquavert
Linoleum: Aquavert
4185 Powder
Linoleum: Powder
4186 orange blast
Linoleum: Orange blast
4164 Salsa
Linoleum: Salsa
U12000_Volcanic Black_medium
Matt HPL: Volcanic Black
Matt HPL: Anthracite Grey
Matt HPL: Light Grey
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Veneer: Ash
Cube Design | finér | bøg
Veneer: Beech
Cube Design | finér | kirsebær
Veneer: Cherry
Cube Design | finér | ahorn
Veneer: Maple
Cube Design | finér | eg
Veneer: Oak
Cube Design | finér | valnød
Veneer: Walnut
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Spider højbord_rund

Round table top

Spider high tables with round table tops are a good alternative to the classic café table.

Spider højbord_rektangulær

Rectangular table top

Spider high tables with rectangular table tops are offered in four lengths, which are adapted to fit our different series of bar stools.

Technical information

High table, Spider

Spider tables are characterized by the inclined legs, where the interaction between angles and profiles results in a modern design and a high degree of stability.

The Spider high table is a great alternative to the Cube Design’s Lite Cube and High Cube high tables. The Spider high table has no footrest.

The Spider high table always has a depth of 800 mm when the table top is rectangular. The rectangular table tops are available in four lengths: 800 mm, 1200 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm. The round table tops are available with a diameter of 1000 mm or 1200 mm.

The table top is made with bevelled and lacquered edges and a radius 20 on the corners. The edge is painted with clear lacquer or one of our many Cube Color colors (provided the surface is not in veneer).

The frame is available in black powder coated steel or solid oak.

5 year warranty on all Spider tables.

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