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Wooden edges

If you choose your V storage to be in veneer, the edge always follows the cabinet.

Cube Design - kontormøbler - ABS-kant i gering - slagfast ABS kant på skab - V opbevaring

Impact resistant ABS edges

When the cabinet is made in laminate, you can choose any Cube Color color for the ABS edge.

Technical information


V storage is made with a mitre joint at 45 degrees. Cube design V storage is made with a 2 mm impact-resistant ABS-edge – when the corpus is with laminate. It creates a nice edge detail which is durable. The ABS edge is selectable in one of our 30 Cube Color colors, but only for cabinets made of laminate. However, if you choose veneer, the corner list always follows the cabinet color.

We never compromise on quality. V storage is made in 16 mm plates with a backing in 8 mm. All surfaces are coated with laminate or veneer.

The V bookcases are available in different sizes, from one to nine rooms. Choose your bookcase with drawers, doors or other accessories which fits your needs the best.

The bookcases are made one, two or three room wide and one, two or three room high. V bookcases are available in two depths: 350 mm or 400 mm.

10 years warranty on V bookcases.


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    V understøtning – Sokkel
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    V understøtning – Hjul
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    V understøtning – Bensokkel
    Leg plinth
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    V understøtning – Rundt ben
    Round leg
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    V understøtning – Firkantet ben
    Square leg
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    V understøtning – Pladesokkel
    Adjustable plate plinth
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    V understøtning – Hjørnefødder
    Corner foot
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