V folding table

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V folding table
Frame (3)
Lak – alu
Lak – sort
Lak – hvid
Surfaces (65)
White 1040
HPL: White
Light grey 1109
HPL: Light grey
Medium grey 1115
HPL: Medium grey
Antracit U164 BS
HPL: Anthracite
Koksgrå 1290
HPL: Charcoal grey
Black 1015
HPL: Black
HPL: Oak
Kashmir 0187
HPL: Kashmir
Dark Chocolate 2200
HPL: Dark Chocolate
Beaujolais 0188
HPL: Beaujolais
Carnaval 1238
HPL: Carnaval
Clementine 2962
HPL: Clementine
Levante 3210
HPL: Levante
Sol 3209
HPL: Sol
Saffron 7024
HPL: Saffron
Marina 7433
HPL: Marina
Dusty Jade 7879
HPL: Dusty Jade
Capri 1326
HPL: Capri
Grotto 7846
HPL: Grotto
Hunter Green 7967
HPL: Hunter Green
Vibrant Green 6901
HPL: Vibrant Green
Lemon 8755
HPL: Lemon
Avacado 3236
HPL: Avacado
Navy Blue 7969
HPL: Navy Blue
Tahiti 0157
HPL: Tahiti
Tropical Blue 2828
HPL: Tropical Blue
Monaco 5127
HPL: Monaco
China Blue 7884
HPL: China Blue
Iris 1194
HPL: Iris
Fontana 1850
HPL: Fontana
Amarena 6907
HPL: Amarena
Orchid 5346
HPL: Orchid
Heather 0233
HPL: Heather
Nero Ingo_0720
Fenix: Nero Ingo
Grigio Londra_0718
Fenix: Grigio Londra
Bianco Malé_0029
Fenix: Bianco Male
Cube Design | linoleum | nero 4023
Linoleum: Nero
Cube Design | linoleum | mauve 4172
Linoleum: Mauve
Cube Design | linoleum | burgundy 4154
Linoleum: Burgundy
Smokey blue 4179
Linoleum: Smokey blue
Cube Design | linoleum | conifer 4174
Linoleum: Conifer
Olive 4184
Linoleum: Olive
Cube Design | linoleum | pistachio 4183
Linoleum: Pistachio
4182 Spring green
Linoleum: Spring green
Linoleum: Pearl
Cube Design | linoleum | mushroom 4176
Linoleum: Mushroom
Cube Design | linoleum | pebble 4175
Linoleum: Pebble
Ash 4132
Linoleum: Ash
Cube Design | linoleum | Pewter 4155
Linoleum: Pewter
Iron 4178
Linoleum: Iron
Cube Design | linoleum | charcoal 4166
Linoleum: Charcoal
4181 Midnight blue
Linoleum: Midnight blue
4180 Aquavert
Linoleum: Aquavert
4185 Powder
Linoleum: Powder
4186 orange blast
Linoleum: Orange blast
4164 Salsa
Linoleum: Salsa
U12000_Volcanic Black_medium
Matt HPL: Volcanic Black
Matt HPL: Anthracite Grey
Matt HPL: Light Grey
Cube Design | finér | ask
Veneer: Ash
Cube Design | finér | bøg
Veneer: Beech
Cube Design | finér | kirsebær
Veneer: Cherry
Cube Design | finér | ahorn
Veneer: Maple
Cube Design | finér | eg
Veneer: Oak
Cube Design | finér | valnød
Veneer: Walnut
Cube Design - kontormøbler - foldebord - v foldebord - bord på hjul
Cube Design - kontormøbler - foldeborde - v stel - v ben - bord på hjul

V folding tables are stackable

When stacking six folding tables they have a width of 159 cm.

Cube Design - kontormøbler - foldeborde - v stel - v ben - bord på hjul

Lockable on all four castors

The V folding table is always made with four lockable castors.

Technical information

V folding tables

The V folding table is a stable, Danish-produced folding table with four lockable castors. The V legs are available in white, alu or black powder coated steel. The frame and tilt mechanism are always black.

The table top is tilted up and down with a spring solution, which is mounted discreetly under the table top.

V is always made with rectangular table tops with a straight edge and a radius of 2 on the corners. ABS edges are available in all standard laminate colors, as well as maple, beech, oak and plywood-ABS.

5 year warranty on the V folding table.


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