Bullet-in board

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Bullet-in board
Upholstery (31)
YB106 Calypso
Lucia YB106
YB038 Tequila
Lucia YB038
YB105 Belize
Lucia YB105
YB026 Costa
Lucia YB026
YB102 Bridgetown
Lucia YB102
YB019 Paseo
Lucia YB019
YB100 Ocean
Lucia YB100
YB011 Montserrat
Lucia YB011
YB097 Bluebell
Lucia YB097
YB009 Havana
Lucia YB009
YB096 Apple
Lucia YB096
YB004 Martinique
Lucia YB004
YB095 Steel
Lucia YB095
YB094 Slip
Lucia YB094
YB301 Campeche
Lucia YB301
YB093 Aruba
Lucia YB093
YB170 Buru
Lucia YB170
YB090 Tarot
Lucia YB090
YB168 Tortuga
Lucia YB168
YB089 Scuba
Lucia YB089
YB165 Adobo
Lucia YB165
YB088 Solano
Lucia YB088
YB157 Marianna
Lucia YB157
YB087 Lobster
Lucia YB087
YB156 Madura
Lucia YB156
YB086 Rum
Lucia YB086
YB108 Blizzard
Lucia YB108
YB047 Windjammer
Lucia YB047
YB107 Oyster
Lucia YB107
YB046 Sombrero
Lucia YB046
YB302 Sandstorm
Lucia YB302
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Black recycled rubber

You can choose to have the bullet-in board upholstered with black recycled rubber.

Cube Design - kontormøbler - opslagstavle polstret med Lucia fra Camira

Red Lucia fabric

Lucia is a synthetic panel fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. Lucia has a matte look and a wide color palette.

Technical information

Bullet-in board

The bullet-in board will be mounted on the back of your Quadro bookcases. When the bullet-in board is mounted at the back of the bookcase, the cabinet and bullet-in board are aligned so that the back of your bookcase is completely level.

The cabinet forms a thin frame around the bullet-in board.

The bullet-in board has a thickness of 15 mm.

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