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If you work in an open office, you probably know that sometimes it is not easy to concentrate. Perhaps you need a place where you can sit quietly and comfortably and read or prepare an assignment. Cody the new lounge sofa by Cube Design can help you with exactly that.


Cube Design is a Danish furniture company with more than 30 years of experience. Our mission is to create designs with an emphasis on both the functional and aesthetic. The Cody lounge sofa has been designed and manufactured in Denmark. A sofa where we have incorporated good working conditions both physically and mentally.


Cody – the lounge sofa
Cody has been designed to fit many different work situations. This is the three most common work situations you can use the lounge sofa for:
Focused desktop work – the backrest angle gives you the perfect support for focused desktop work. The Butterfly table can be adjusted to your needs – would you like to sit with your legs up or down when working?
Relaxed work – the angles of the backrests are tested so they fit perfectly for both a sitting and laying position.
Two-person collaboration – because of the angle of the seating, the conditions for a two-person collaboration are very good.

The Butterfly table is designed for the Cody lounge sofa. The table can, with its neutral static space and the two movable flaps, be adjusted for any given task.


Choose the color you like
Cody is a custom made lounge sofa – this means that you can choose any color you like in our chosen fabric: Capture from Gabriel.
For more information about Cody please contact Cube Design at


New laminate colors
We have added more colors to our laminate color chart – Fontana, Dusty Jade & Grotto. Three shades of blue/green – colors that will calm your office. While you are waiting to see the new colors in real life – try our color configurator here.


Cube Design info

  • Founded by Curt Berggren in 1981.
  • High quality products.
  • We grant a 10 years warranty on storage.
  • We grant a 5 years warranty on desks.