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The detail is in Cube Designs DNA

Cube Design presents several new products, where the detail is in focus.

V opbevaring i hvid, koksgrå og Carnaval.

V opbevaring med korpus i hvid og koksgrå og hjørnelister i Carnaval.

Details are important
It has been in the DNA of Cube Design from the very beginning. Curt Berggren – the founder of Cube Design – has always had details in his designs, and this year we are launching several new products where you will find beautiful details on all of them.


New elegant bookcase
The designteam has brainstormed, created numerous prototypes, developed and redesigned the new bookcase series before getting this result. The long and exciting process has resulted in a delicious bookcase series, which is known by its detail line in the miter joint of the cabinet, giving the bookcase personality and edge. The bookcase is, unlike our previous bookcases, completely quadratic in 1-room and 4-room bookcases. This unique detail has been made even more evident than the details on our previous bookcase series. The detail line is offered in 27 beautiful laminate colors – our Cube Color – and these colors can be combined with our four cabinetcolors in laminate. When choosing the cabinet in veneer it is not possible to get at colored detail line.


The modern and style-conscious consumer
We recommend this bookcase for the modern and style-conscious consumer who in a discrete and elegant way want to bring life to the office environment. A good first impression is crucial – everyone knows that – so why choose something you can not vouch for? We can vouch for our new bookcase series. Both together and separately this bookcase will give your office environment that extra little thing that makes your visitors remember your office.


Vesper chairs
This year we are launching two new chairs; Vesper 1 and Vesper 2. The chairs are designed by the Brazillian designer Christoph Jenni who are an industrial designer in Bern (CH). Christoph Jenni has designed the shells in fiberglass polypropylene, which gives you a durable and strong chair with a frame of metal. The frame is also offered in an edition where the frame is galvanized and painted in either black or white – this gives the consumer the opportunity to use the chair outdoors. The chairs are designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy. The organic design give the chairs a nice look and they are available in eight amazing colors.

Kantine stol i lyseblå med ben i krom.

Kantine miljø med Vesper 2 i lys blå med ben i blank krom.

Why choose a Vesper 1?
Vesper 1 is a solid and simple chair that is suitable for cafes, canteens and institutions – both indoors and outdoors*. We recommend the chair for environments where the furniture must last for many years, and where the chair is going to be extensively used by many people. Vesper 1 is dyed thorugh which means that scratches or nicks in the fiberglass polypropylene are not obvious. The chair is easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

Who will choose a Vesper 2?
Vesper 2 is a stackable chair with armrests that give the chair a more structured look. Vesper 2 is an elegant chair that can be used for both private and public spaces, but it is highly suitable for office environments and the color of the chair can match the colors used in the rest of the environment**. Vesper 2 is available in eight colors: light blue, grey, green, yellow, red, sand, black and white, while the frame comes in chrome and galvanized and painted in black or pearl grey.


Sound absorbing screen
Our customers have been asking for a product that can give each workplace more peace, without the case of an actual division of the entire office environment. Our solution is a discrete sound absorbing screen that will absorb a lot of the noise around the office while it also gives you the feeling of being alone. We recommend the screen for office environments where people often talk on the phone or are having small meetings at the desks.


New sit/stand desk
A sit/stand desk of extraordinary quality with a 5 year guarantee. The frame is offered in three beautiful and stylish colors: black, white and alu. The frame has soft-start, which makes the control of the table pleasant and quiet (39 dB). The table only uses 0,1 watts when in standby. Besides that it is approved by the Danish Technological Institute and TÜV Rheinland.

Flow skriveborde på række i stort kontor.

Flow skrivebord med hæve-sænke funktion i åbent kontormiljø med bordskærmvægge til afskærmning og lydabsorbering.

* Applies only frames that are galvanized and painted black or white.
** Applies only the eight possible colors the chair is produced in.