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News from Cube Design: Bench desk and lounge sofa

Cube Design will be attending Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair for the 9th year in a row. In 2017 we will be launching news at booth A38:10. You can – amongst others – see the new bench desk, a slide function for your Flow desk and of course you can see and try Cody – the new lounge sofa with edge. The lounge sofa has been designed in cooperation with design students from the University of Aalborg.



Bench desk
The office as we know it is constantly evolving – the same goes for sit-stand desks. Modern technology has made the need for large desks very limited. Instead focus lies on maximizing the space companies have available. This is where a bench desk is an excellent alternative. A bench desk offers many aesthetic benefits. One of the benefits is the opportunity to link the desks and thereby maximizing the number of workplaces in the company.

The bench desk from Cube Design is made with sit-stand function and it has all the benefits you know from our regular Flow sit-stand desk. It is benefits like anti collision, rail free construction, silent motor that our customers benefits the most from.

The bench desk is perfect for both individual workspaces and project- and group work. You can choose between many different shapes for the table top. Table tops are offered in high pressure laminate, veneer, linoleum and nano laminate. The bench desk is available with black powder coated frame.

Visit our booth A38:10 at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and hear more about the bench desk.




Cody – how to use it
Cody is a lounge sofa with many opportunities. Given that most companies have large open offices, the need for a quiet area has become more attractive. The tall upholstered sides of Cody are sound absorbing for both the user and the surroundings. You can use Cody one or two together. If you put two Codies together you will get one large lounge sofa with room for four persons.

Use Cody for many different work situations. These are the three most common work situations you can use the lounge sofa for:

  • Focused desktop work – the backrest angle gives you the perfect support for focused desktop work. The Butterfly table can be adjusted to your needs – would you like to sit with your legs up or down when working?
  • Relaxed work – the angles of the backrests are tested so they fit perfectly for both a sitting and laying position.
  • Two-person collaboration – because of the angle of the seating, the conditions for a two-person collaboration are very good.





The Butterfly table is a rotatable table designed for Cody. The table can, with its neutral static space and the two movable flaps, be adjusted for any given task.



10 years warranty on storage
Cube Design designs and manufactures products of a very high quality. This is why there is a 10 years warranty on all storage as well as 5 years warranty on the remaining products. The warranty covers the construction-, material- and production defects.