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Cabinet in oak laminate
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Get all the advantages you know from a laminate cabinet, but with the warm Scandinavian look you find in wood. As of February 2019, Cube Design has added a new cabinet color to the assortment. The new cabinet color is an oak laminate with impact-resistant ABS-edges for both V and Quadro storage. The oak laminate is a bright oak that won’t change color over time. When choosing oak laminate for your V storage, you can choose any of Cube Designs Cube Color colors for the edges. The new oak laminate has the same price as normal laminate cabinets.
Canteen table in black powdercoated steel

Cube Design has a new canteen table. A canteen table with the same high quality you know from all of Cube Designs products. The canteen table is very stable because of the solid construction in the corners. The entire frame is made of 2 mm solid steel with a black powder coating. The table is available for four or six Vesper 1 chairs with chair suspension. The frame has been pulled all the way to the edge of the table top, which gives the table a simple and elegant design. The table top is made with straight ABS-edges when in high pressure laminate and with a wooden edge when veneer. The image is from Cube Designs stand, where you could see the canteen table with our brand new XP mat laminate in anthracite.


Roll front cabinet for V storage

A cabinet made with a mitre joint with an impact-resistant ABS-edge and sideways roll front. The interest for these cabinet has increased which is why we chose to design a roll front cabinet for our V storage series. The roll front is lacquered in white, light grey, medium grey, charcoal grey or black. Beside these five colors you can chose all of our veneer types. The cabinet has four regular rooms where all trays and push-drawers for depth 350 mm can be used. The roll front is sideways which gives you full acces to all rooms in the cabinet.


Centered cable tray for RAW bench

Use the centered cabletray for the wires from both tables. The centered cable tray is mounted under the desk screen and it is available in white, alu or black powder coated steel. The cable tray is made with two doors – one for each table. The doors can open as shown in the picture. When using the centered cable tray only one wire will be going to the floor. This will give your RAW bench a clean and tidy look.


Tiltable cable tray

Cube Design has designed a new tiltable cable tray. A cable tray where you can acces the tray by tilting it. The cable tray will automaticly go back to the starting point when you let go of the cable tray. But why is it smart that you can tilt the cable tray? It is smart because, in this way, it can hide the cables better when the cable tray is not tilted. The tiltable cable tray is available in white, alu or black for tables in lenght 1400 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm.