About Cube Design

- a furniture manufacturer with production in Denmark

Cube Design designs and manufactures furniture for offices, conference rooms, canteens and cafes. Quality is important to us. This is why our products are of high quality. The high quality has also led to the 10 years warranty we have on our storage series Quadro and V.

The company, Cube Design, was founded in 1981. From the very beginning it has been a vision for Cube Design to create both beautiful, functional and high-quality furniture. A production that lived up to the vision meant that Cube Design quickly gained a foothold and was accepted in the Danish furniture industry. We use laminate on our cabinets and bookcases – always made with impact-resistant ABS-edges. Also with the storage is made with a mitre joint. All fronts and table tops are made with high pressure laminate, but you can also choose veneer, linoleum or our new mat laminate instead.

Would you like to see our production in Hammel, Denmark – see it here:


Today, Cube Design is a company with 45 employees and has 9,000 m² production and administration facilities in Hammel, Denmark. Cube Design sells furniture in Denmark through a strong dealer network. The dealers have extensive knowledge of our products – and we go through the products one by one with all of our dealers. Cube Design exports primarily to Scandinavia and especially Norway, but also to the rest of Europe. See our terms and conditions here.


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Quality and design

We have high demands for our production, and the same goes for the partners and subcontractors we use. We expect the quality to be outstanding. Quality has always been a hallmark of Cube Design, and we only want to produce and deliver high-quality furnishings. This is why we have our furniture tested externally – see the test reports here.

When we show the quality of our products, we do it as the video shows:


Despite increased competition and pricing pressures in the furniture market both at home and abroad, Cube Design does not compromise on design or quality. At Cube Design we insist that our furniture should have a long life. Therefore we use only materials of exceptional quality in the manufacturing process. At the same time, we attach great importance to creating furniture in a both stylish and functional design.

Our philosophy is that when the functionality and visuality goes up to a higher level, it will help to promote both mental and physical good working conditions for your employees.


Certificates and labeling

Cube Design is ISO 14001:2015 certified, we have 10 years warranty on our storage as well as five years warranty on everything else. We are proud to deliver a Danish product produced in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Cube Design is a member of The Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control. As a member of The Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control we shall meet the highest standards in furniture and kitchen production. Production shall be in accordanc with the “Technical Specifications” regarding materials, workmanship and finished products. There are at least two annual control visits at the member factories.

Cube Design | ISO 14001:2015


Environment policy

We wish to manufacture office furniture in suitable environmental conditions so that both the internal and external environment is affected as little as possible. This is done by continuously focusing on environmental improvements in product development, streamlining of production processes – minimize resource consumption and use of environmentally friendly materials.

Cube Design manages the environmental situation around the establishment, with a background in ISO 14001:2015, focusing on below. It sets environmental goals and objectives, ensuring that there is momentum in the environmental effort, and that continuous improvements will be achieved within the environmental sector. To ensure optimal results in efforts by environmental improvement involving all employees to continuously improve its environmental conditions, including compliance with environmental relevant targets and instructions. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to submit proposals for continuous environmental improvement, and be conscious about the company’s environmental policy and the positive impact it has on the environment.

It is important to us that our customers and partners are familiar with our focus on the environment in this way that help to shape our customers and partners to focus more on the environment. Current laws and regulations within the environment of the authorities are followed so that the company always comply.