Press release SFF2016

Cube Design – words of the booth

The customers have higher and higher demands for their products. They want customized and unique products of very high quality. Those are just two of the things Cube Design focuses on. In booth A38:10 we also focus on innovation, know-how and stability.

Handdrawn furniture


The theme of the booth

Make your room flexible – that is what half of our booth is all about at this year’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. «Normally you will fit your requirements to the room, but with flexible rooms you can fit the décor to your requirements – this way you will get more out of your products», tells Josefine Maurer – architect at Cube Design – about one of the advantages of the flexible room.

We will be working with a flexible room on this year’s booth. Come visit us at the booth and see how you can make the most of the flexible part of our booth. It is also here you can try our stable and flexible FT4 folding table. We challenge you to try to arrange the tables better than we have done. Try to arrange the FT4 tables for the different scenarios described at our booth. Try it in booth A38:10.


The conscious end user

«We can feel that the end users want convenience and they have become more aware about quality and know-how», says Josefine Maurer and continues «This means that the demand for our products has increased and the consumers care about quality and durability». Cube Design has been manufacturing furniture for the contract market since the beginning of the 1980’s and today most of our products still are manufactured at our factory in Hammel, Denmark.


NEW: Spider’s big brother

Design and innovation are two key elements in our products. Do you know our Spider table? Spider is the table with the characteristic legs that fit perfectly for canteen or conferences. Spider in a high edition has become a part of our 2016 assortment. Visit our booth and see the new Spider table with legs in black powder coated steel and a table top with a beautiful oak laminate.


NEW: A combi product

We would like you to try our new daybed/bench. Now we offer our popular High Cube in a low edition – both as a bench and a table. See examples of the tables on page 44 in the new inspiration brochure which you can have when visiting our booth. Do you need a break? We have a build-in alcove at our booth, actually we have several products this year, that will give you comfort during your break. Come visit us and decide which product you think have the best comfort.


2016 at Cube Design

We constantly work on developing our brand. At the end of January we completed a project in cooperation with the University of Aalborg. Innovation Cup/Design Boost – a project made by Master students studying Industrial Design.

At Cube Design we have always focused on durability and quality – especially when developing new products. Of course the Master students have had durability and quality in mind when working on the project. We want you to know, that no matter what, you can always count on that the quality of our products always is extremely good.

Cube Design A/S was founded in 1981. Right from the beginning it has been our vision to design beautiful, functional and unique furniture in very high quality. A production that lived up to the vision meant that Cube Design A / S quickly gained a foothold and was accepted in the Danish furniture industry.