Press release

News from Cube Design – 2018

Cube Design had a few news for this fair in 2018. You could, among other things, see the three new laminate colors: Dark Chocolate, Choco and Kashmir – three beautiful brownish shades. Furthermore you could try our new motoric pull-out cabinet and see the new wardrobes for our Quadro storage.


Three new laminate colors


Do you prefer Dark Chocolate, Choco or Kashmir? At Cube Design’s stand you could see the three new laminate colors. Our architect carefully chose these colors, because they fit both our laminate and veneer variants. The brownish earth tones are calm and warm. The images are from our stand at the fair.


Motoric pull-out cabinet


Imagine sitting at your ergonomically correct sit-stand desk at your ergonomically correct office chair, but by your side is an unergonomical pull-out cabinet, where you are forced to make a nasty twist in your back to pull the cabinet out. Do not worry – Cube Design has a solution. A motoric pull-out cabinet where you just have to push a button to open and close the cabinet. An ergonomically correct pull-out cabinet with double anti collition, that opens in just 15 seconds. The motoric pull-out cabinet is made with a Linak actuator and a milled in finger touch button in the side of the cabinet. The cabinet is made without any handles, which makes it simple and elegant.


Fully extendable Quadro pull-out cabinet

As of February 2018 Cube Design’s Quadro pull-out cabinet is fully extendable, when you choose it in depth 900 mm. This means that you have full access to every room in the cabinet.


New control panel for Quadro desks


A control panel is not just a control panel. Come by our booth and see Linak’s new control panel with intutive adjustment. Furthermore you can control your desk with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and the control panel has a light stripe that reminds you to change work position regularly.




The demand for wardrobes is increasing – especially the demand for wardrobes that fit the rest of the office design. This is why Cube Design has added wardrobes to the standard assortment. All wardrobes are made with both a hat- and a shoe shelf and a clothes rack. The clothes rack is made with pull-out in depth 430 mm. Come by booth A38:10 and see how we have used the wardrobes in our lineup.