Quality & Design

Cube Design A/S makes great demands on its own production of furniture, and the same goes for the partners and subcontractors Cube Design A/S uses.
Quality has always been a hallmark of Cube Design A/S, and we only want to produce and deliver high-quality furnishings.

Despite increased competition and pricing pressures in the furniture market both at home and abroad. Cube Design A/S does not compromise on design or quality. At Cube Design A/S we insist that our furniture should have a long life. Therefore we use only materials of exceptional quality in the manufacturing process. At the same time, we attach great importance to creating furniture in a both stylish and functional design.

Our philosophy is that when the functional and visual goes up to a higher level, our furniture help to promote both mental and physical good working conditions for employees in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Farver i laminat - materialer - colors - vedligeholdelse af dine Cube Design produkter

Maintenance of furniture

- a guide to maintain your Cube Design furniture Choose the material your Cube Design products has been made in, and find a guide that will tell you how to clean and maintain your products. Your product should be cleaned and maintained in different ways depending on what material it is made of.   Under […]

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