Maintenance of furniture

- a guide to maintain your Cube Design furniture

Choose the material your Cube Design products has been made in, and find a guide that will tell you how to clean and maintain your products.

Your product should be cleaned and maintained in different ways depending on what material it is made of.


Under each topic you will find tips and tricks to extend the life of your Cube Design product.


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Laminate surface

Laminate on bookcases, table tops and information desks The laminate we use for table tops are high pressure laminate. Laminate is very durable and does not require special maintenance in normal use.   For daily care we recommend that you wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then wipe the table with a clean, dry cloth. […]

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Veneer surface

Veneer on cabinets, table tops and information desks At Cube Design we use veneer for bookcases, cabinets, table tops and fronts. If you choose to have your product fully or partially in veneer, we have made sure that the product is made to be used daily in many years. To make sure that the product always […]

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Sort linoleum bordplade

Linoleum surface

Linoleum on fronts, table tops and top plates Linoleum is a natural material mainly consisting of linseed oil, rosin, limestone, wood flour and cork flour added color. Linoleum is a material in which bacteria can not grow, which makes linoleum extremely well suited to many different contexts. If you maintain your linoleum surface in the […]

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Fenix laminat - Cube Design - sort nano

Nano laminate surface

Nano laminate on fronts, table tops and top plates Fenix nano laminate is hygienic and easy to clean, and has a supermat, scratch-resistant and silky surface. With a nano-treated surface fingerprints will not be visible on the table. This surface does not attract dust. Furthermore, it reduces the bacterial load.   For daily care we recommend […]

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