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Choose between storage from V or Quadro We talk about a «paperless society», but despite of that, we still need room for storage at our workplace – that is a fact. At Cube Design we are constantly trying to improve our products to ensure that all of our products have the highest quality. Below you […]

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Desks with sit-stand function A desk with sit-stand function can reduce the health issues sedentary can cause. The benefits of desks with sit-stand function are many – your productivity is increased when working standing up and research shows that you can extend your life by working standing up. We think it is important that a […]

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Choose from Cube Design’s series: S10, Vesper, Tango & Limbo Cube Design has chairs for many purposes, whether it is for a canteen, a terrace, a bar, a meeting room or an office – we even have chairs for outdoor use. Our chairs come in four series. The Vesper chair is a simple and light chair […]

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Conference and canteen tables

Conference and canteen tables in many shapes and sizes Conference and canteen tables can be both modern, exclusive and beautiful. See examples of what Cube Design offers below. What shapes do you want your tables to be? Round, rectangular, square-, boat- or barrel shaped – we offer many different shapes and sizes so you can […]

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Information desk

- built up of modules Information desks can lead your customers and guest in the right direction when they visit. It can consist of different modules depending on what it is intended to. Is it an information desk where your secretary/assistant will be working and receiving customers, guest or patients, then we will built it […]

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Tilbehør til hæve/sænke bord: gardin.


Here you will find the accessories for our products We have accessories for most of our products. Below you will find a small range of our accessories. For your conference table you can choose a cable grommet, media center and a pen tray. For your sit/stand desk you can choose a modesty screen/ curtain, a […]

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Farver i laminat - materialer - colors - vedligeholdelse af dine Cube Design produkter


Colors and surfaces for Cube Design’s products Cube Design has a huge selection of materials and colors for your office furniture. The different materials can be used for selected products and available in a variety of colors. Select veneer or laminate and see our selection of colors in the selected category.  

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