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- two different series  

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Flow, RAW, Quadro & RAW bench  

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- three series: Vesper, S10 & Tango  

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Konference og kanitne

Conference and canteen tables

Quadro, Amigo, Spider, FT4 & High/Lite Cube  

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Recycling stations

- available with 1, 2 or 3 carvings   Recycling stations – technical information: Recycling stations for sorting waste. Choose between three different carvings in the top plates: We recommend using the rectangular for paper, the triangle for metal and the round for plastic. Recycling station in 16 mm plates and a top plate in 12 […]

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- with castors that can turn 360º   Trolley – technical information: Have you ever wondered how to optimize your workflow when you are preparing a meeting, lunch, filling the printer with paper or anything like that? Perhaps you need a practical trolley. At Cube Design, we always focus on durability and quality, ensuring a […]

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Information desk

- three different models   Information desk – technical information: Information desks can lead your customers and guest in the right direction when they visit. It can consist of different modules depending on what it is intended to. Is it an information desk where your secretary/assistant will be working and receiving customers, guest or patients, […]

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Colors and surfaces for Cube Design’s products Cube Design has a huge selection of materials and colors for your office furniture. The different materials can be used for selected products and available in a variety of colors. Select veneer or laminate and see our selection of colors in the selected category.  

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