- three series: Vesper, S10 & Tango




- an upholstered chair for meetings, conferences or canteens   S10 chair – technical information: The S10 is a series of chairs consisting of six different chairs. Choose between more than 10 different fabrics for the upholstered chair, which gives you more opportunities when creating the expression you want for your office environment. The series […]

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Vesper skalstole

Vesper 1 & 3

- shell chairs in fiberglass polypropylen   The Vesper shell chairs – technical information: Who would not like to have a chair that can be stacked, used outdoors and is available in many different colors? Cube Design has series of chairs that fits numerous environments. Vesper 1 is a solid and simple chair that is […]

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Tango stabelbar stol


- stackable chairs in many variations   The Tango chairs – technical information: The Tango chair can be used in canteens, in offices, for seminars and for meetings. The stackable chairs can also be hung on the table which makes cleaning easier. When the chairs are stacked they require very little space. The chair is offered […]

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