Colors and surfaces for Cube Design’s products

Cube Design has a huge selection of materials and colors for your office furniture. The different materials can be used for selected products and available in a variety of colors.

Select veneer or laminate and see our selection of colors in the selected category.


Korpusfarver i laminat og fronter i højtrykslaminat | Showroom | Cube Design | Hammel

Laminate colors

This is all of Cube Design’s laminate colors Here you can see all the colors in Cube Design’s laminate range. By clicking on the colors you can see color codes and images of products with the color. Choose the color you want to see and know more about.  

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Alle finértyper til korpus på quadro reolen | Showroom | Cube Design | Hammel

Veneer types

This is all of Cube Design’s veneer types Here you can see all the veneer types in Cube Design’s veneer selection. By clicking on the wanted veneer type you can see images of products with the chosen veneer. Note that you can only choose maple, beech and oak veneer for your V storage. Choose the […]

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