Conference and canteen tables

Conference and canteen tables in many shapes and sizes

Conference and canteen tables can be both modern, exclusive and beautiful. See examples of what Cube Design offers below. What shapes do you want your tables to be? Round, rectangular, square-, boat- or barrel shaped – we offer many different shapes and sizes so you can have a table that will fit perfectly to the purpose.

We expect that you expect a lot from your conference and canteen tables – which is why you have the opportunity to choose a conference table with synchronous pull-out or sit-stand function. A synchronous pull-out system gives you a very flexible table  that can be fitted the number of guests – this ensures you a table that never have the wrong size. When you do not need the additional leaves you can storage the leaves under the tabletop .

Our conference and canteen tables can – with their strong internal and graceful exterior – stand up to frequent use.

Konferencebord | sort linoleum | conference table | black linoleum | Cube Design | upholstered chair | Conference tables

Quadro conference tables

Conference tables with cylindrical columns Conference, meeting, education – the Quadro conference tables are suitable for all purposes. With a Quadro conference table you always know that you can get at table fitting your needs whether you need  a smaller or lager table. We expect that you expect a lot from your conference table – […]

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Mødebord | Konferencebord med søjler | Conference table

Amigo conference table

Conference table with columns in brushed stainless steel An Amigo conference table is made with columns in brushed stainless steel. It is both a nice detail and an advantage to have columns instead of legs – columns reduce the risk of sitting close to a table leg. If you want, you can have a synchronous […]

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Caféborde i tre højder | café table

Café tables & canteen tables

Café tables: Columns in black/alu or brushed stainless steel A café tables with just one column gives you a modern, welcoming and informal office environment. The café tables can be used in canteens, on cafés, for conferences, in larger offices for quick meetings. The café tables can be used in the environment you wish because […]

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Spider table

Table that is versatile, innovative and highly usable An inviting and inspiring meeting room makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The Spider table has an ideal interaction between the different angles and the profiles, which results in a modern design and a high degree of stability. The system offers excellent solutions for conference and meeting rooms. […]

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foldebord | foldeborde | folding table | folding tables | kantinebord | Cube Design

FT4 folding table

 A folding table on wheels FT4 stands for ‘Folding Table with 4 wheels’. FT4 has a minimalistic design that delivers timeless design options. The folding table can be used for e.g. seminar, conference- and catering arrangements. The table is practical and functional and can be operated with one hand. When it is folded it takes […]

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højbord | High table | high tables

High Cube / Lite Cube high tables

High tables in two editions Do you need a place where you informally can talk to customers and guests? A high table invites to short and informal meetings e.g. at fairs, conferences or just as a table for a reception. When using a high table for meetings you will experience several advantages: the meetings get […]

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Behälter für Abfallentsorgung | Miljøstation | Cube Design | Recycling stations

Recycling stations

Available with 1, 2 or 3 carvings Recycling stations for sorting waste. Choose between three different carvings in the top plates. We recommend using the rectangular for paper, the triangle for metal and the round for plastic. Read more about the recycling station below. Recycling stations – technical information: Recycling station in 16 mm plates and […]

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Practical and functional trolley Have you ever wondered how to optimize your workflow when you are preparing a meeting, lunch, filling the printer with paper or anything like that? Perhaps you need a practical trolley. At Cube Design, we always focus on durability and quality, ensuring a high quality product. A trolley is a convenient […]

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