Desks with sit-stand function

A desk with sit-stand function can reduce the health issues sedentary can cause. The benefits of desks with sit-stand function are many – your productivity is increased when working standing up and research shows that you can extend your life by working standing up. We think it is important that a desk with sit-stand function is stable – also in the outer positions. Cube Design has since 1981 designed and produced desks with sit-stand function in Denmark.

We have two desk series: Flow and Quadro – choose the series you want to see more about:


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Flow sit-stand desks

The new sit-stand desks of Cube Design Flow sit-stand desks gives you – as the word suggests – a good workflow. When you have a sit-stand desk instead of a regular desk, you have the opportunity to change your work position which ensures you a future with as little pain as possible. By changing your […]

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Quadro desk

Our best and most stable desk with sit-stand function Desks with sit-stand function should not only be able to be raised and lowered – we also expect that the desk is stable, silent and durable. The Quadro sit-stand desk is all that. It is probably the most stable on the market, it has an integrated […]

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Flow Bench skrivebord - bench desk - Cube Design

Flow Bench desks

2-in-1 desks Flow Bench desks are two desks in one. One frame where you get two desks. The office as we know it is constantly evolving – the same goes for sit-stand desks. Modern technology has made the need for large desks very limited. Instead focus lies on maximizing the space companies have available. This is […]

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Spider Bench

A stationary double desk Stationary double desk with a shared frame. Spider Bench is an innovative and extremely stable table system. See more about Spider Bench below.   Spider Bench – technical information: Spider Bench has a height of 743 mm. The table tops are rectangular with a depth of 800 mm. The table tops […]

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