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Source separation 2023

Source separation and recycling is an important step towards circular economy and a greener future. Every company must contribute to taking care of our planet by reusing, recycling and sorting waste. From December 31st 2022, workplaces in Denmark must waste sort into 10 fractions; paper, food, metal, cardboard, glass, plastic, residual waste, food cartons, textile and hazardous waste.

Have you still not got a source separation system at your workplace? Let Cube Design guide you. Read more below.

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Large assortment

At Cube Design, we offer a large assortment of recycling stations. Whether you are looking for ready-made solutions or want to design your own recycling station, you can find it at Cube Design.

We offer 11 different ready-made solutions, which are our bestsellers. These variants are fixed in structure, but you still have the option to choose colors and materials. If our ready-made solutions do not meet your individual needs, you have the option to build up your own recycling station.

Our recycling stations are available in one, two or three rooms wide and with a top made of compact laminate for easy cleaning and maintenance.

alle 11
A host of options

Make it your own

Looking for a recycling station that can be adapted to your unique decor? With Quadro recycling stations flexible design, you have a host of options to build up the recycling station according to your individual needs. Choose between a wide range of materials, colors, and functions. Do you need a station for paper, food waste or textile? Do you need drawers or doors? Which colors fit into your decor?

With the Quadro recycling station, you get a high-quality furniture piece that easily can be displayed as an integrated part of the office furniture. No need to hide this pretty recycling station away. Place the furniture central at the office so it is easily accessible to the employees. In this way, you can ensure a successful waste sorting.


Three variants of compact laminate

Opaque White
Platinum Grey
Volcanic Black
Make source separation easy!

Use pictograms

If you want a successful source separation at your workplace, it is important to make sorting easy and manageable for your employees. Pictograms can be attached to the recycling stations and clearly mark which type of waste belongs to which station. This makes waste sorting easy for the employees.

At Cube Design, you can purchase additional pictograms for your recycling stations. The pictograms come in a sheet with 11 different sorting options.

Miljømærker – DK_1200x900
Looking for a waste sorting system?

Recycling stations since 2013

At Cube Design, we have many years of experience in waste sorting. Since 2013, Cube Design has produced and delivered recycling stations for workplaces. Our recycling stations are developed with a focus on making waste sorting both easy and hygienic without compromising on design.

With our Quadro recycling stations you get a beautifully crafted, high-quality furniture piece that also happens to be a functional recycling station. Quadro recycling station will both meets your need for a functional waste sorting system and your need for a high-quality furniture piece in a beautiful Danish design.

Miljøstation – grøn

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