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Aarhus 1900

Athletics and running Academy in new and great facilities
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Desks, storage, counter, conference tables, chairs, canteen tables
Cube Design - referenc - Aarhus 1900 - kantine


Aarhus 1900 have chosen a canteen with space and opportunity for different setups. When there is few people, the tables can be placed in clusters, and if there is a lot, the tables can stand in rows.

The Vesper 1 chair can be stacked as high as 6 chairs, and it is therefore easy to store more chairs for occasions where more is needed.

Cube Design - reference - Aarhus 1900

Divided Open Office

In an open office with a lot of people, it is nice to divide it a bit. Aarhus 1900 uses Cube Design’s pull-out Cabinets between the tables – which divides the space naturally and gives each employee storage space.

There are attached desk screen walls to the desks, and this helps with noise levels.

The Task Aarhus 1900


Aarhus 1900 was to move into newly renovated premises and wished for a complete interior design including a lot of Cube Design’s products. Cube Design was chosen due to our high quality and the possibility of adjusting the products so that it fitted the needs and looks of Aarhus 1900.

Cube Design’s products are found in small and large offices, meeting- and conference rooms, canteen and various rooms with storage. You will find products as sit-stand tables withg and without screen walls, Quadro pull-out cabinets, Quadro shelving and cabinets, Quadro conference tables, S10 chairs and canteen tables with Vesper 1 chairs.

Aarhus 1900 have chosen colors and materials, which adds warmth and depth to contrast the rough rooms, by choosing veneer and linoleum together with hard black metal and soft felt. An example of very nice interior design with warmth and life.

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