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Car dealer with unique premium cars in beautiful rustic premises
room types
Including café area, single office, joint office and meeting rooms.
different products
The rooms are furnished with 6 types of Cube Design products
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Open office with a raw look

Every workspace is shielded with a high pull-out cabinet. It is a practical way to divide an open office and create a calm space for the individual employee. The high pull-out cabinets can also absorb sound.

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Custom-built coffee station

Cars wished for a coffee station built to their needs. It should contain cold water and a trash can.

Cube Design made a special build station with an incorporated refrigerator and trash can behind the sliding doors.

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The task at Cars

Focus on the details

In the interior you will find Flow desks with linoleum on the surface and a plywood edge - a delicious detail. The storage consists of 3 different solutions from the Quadro series; sliding door cabinets that work well in smaller rooms, drawer sections that provide quick access to daily remedies, and pull-out cabinets that work particularly well in open office environments. All storage is in black laminate with impact-resistant ABS edges.

Cars achieved a decor that, with its raw look and delicious details, exudes luxury - the interior design matches the quality of cars.


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