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Pull-out cabinets, UP desks, Sensa table, Vesper 1 chairs, Spider table, Quadro storage og meeting tables
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Shielding in the open office

Cube Design's tall pull-out cabinets are ideal for the open office environment, where employees typically want shielding to create more peace to work. At the same time, pull-out cabinets are an elegant storage solution that gives you easy access to your documents, writing implements and personal belongings from your workstation.

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Sensa table

The canteen is furnished with Cube Designs Sensa tables. The simple design and high quality make them popular in canteens.

The frame of the Sensa is made of 2 mm solid steel and with a solid construction in the corners. Sensa has a fixed frame which is pulled all the way to the edge of the table top which is giving the table a nice and simple design. The table top is made with a straight ABS edge if it is in HPL or with a straight wood edge if the table top is with veneer.

Case at

Ommersyssel Goods Transportation

Ommersyssel Godstransport wanted a coherent interior design across the various rooms at the workplace. They chose a combination of oak and our linoleum color Conifer as the overall choice of materials in the interior, which created a coherent and aesthetically beautiful office environment.

In the open office environment, Cube Design has supplied UP desks with table screen walls and tall pull-out cabinets. Likewise, the private office is furnished with a UP desk, Quadro drawer section, Quadro storage and a round conference table. In the meeting room there is a Spider table and in the canteen you will find Cube Designs Sensa canteen tables and Vesper 1 chairs.

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