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3 Days of Design 2024

For the first time, Cube Design joined 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen. We exhibited in our own showroom at Bredgade 33C, which we had just opened alongside 3 Days of Design 2024.
Designed by Christian Berggren

Quadro Divider

Create room for more with our multifunctional piece of furniture that combines room separation and organization and gives you a wealth of possibilities for individual composition and personalization. You can divide a room and keep the light and openness. The frames are made of steel, and the shelf pinholes in the frames create a flexible design with room for individual composition and personalization.

High quality, solid construction and always crafted in Denmark.

5611-black-congo storage_01
Designed by Christian Berggren

Nature Screen, Floor

Transform your workspace with our new Nature Screen collection - specially designed to absorb sounds in office environments. The Nature Screens are perfect for room separation, minimizing noise and to increase privacy in open offices. By partitioning larger environments into smaller areas with these acoustic screens you can create a more serene environment that improves
both productivity, well-being and focus among employees.

With beautiful wooden feet available in either oak or walnut the free-standing screen has a minimalistic, simple, and stable design. Would you like a movable screen, the feet are also available with castors.

Crafted in premium wooden materials and available in various colors and sizes, our Nature Screens seamlessly blends style with functionality.

Flex gulvskærmvægge
Designed by Christian Berggren

Nature Screen, Flexible

As a part of our Nature screen collection, these flexible table screens meet the need for a movable acoustic screen to increase privacy and minimize noise right where you are. The table screen is designed with a flexible wooden base for easy mobility, so you can effortlessly move it around to suit your needs. Ideal to accommodate different work scenarios and adaptable to your style.

Always crafted in Denmark and made from first-class materials.

Designed to offer versatility, privacy, and personalization.

Bordskærmvæg 1 med sol
Designed by Christian Berggren

Elegance Work Desk

Introducing our Elegance Work Desk – crafted with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. Featuring the beautiful gable ends, this elegant work desk is designed to enhance your workstation by offering shielding to improve concentration and increase privacy at your desk.

With the gable ends crafted in oiled wood material, this table will add an aesthetic appeal and calmness to any room, private or at work.

The Elegance work desk has beautiful brass leveling feet and a built-in sit/stand function.

Ram Slim 290524
Designed by Cube Design Team

Online Meeting Table

Upgrade your online meetings and boost meeting productivity with our new Online Meeting Table - the perfect choice for the digital workplace. In an era where workplaces are becoming increasingly digital, new demands are placed on the office furniture.

This table is designed for online meetings, the elegant drop-shaped tabletop allows for good visual contact between all attendees - physical and online. Thanks to its solid construction, dedicated quality and organic shape, our new table is designed to create the perfect place to meet virtually in style and comfort.

Always crafted in Denmark and from premium materials.

Online Mødeboard 1 290524
Designed by Heinz Berggren

String Board / Magnetic Board

Meet our new bulletin boards, String Board and Magnetic Board, both a perfect blend of style and functionality, offering an elegant alternative to the classic bulletin board. The STRINGboard features strong elastic strings, while the Magnetic Board comes with powerful magnets in either aluminum or brass. Both securely hold all your important items.

The boards' beautiful high-quality wooden frame and linoleum surface provide a perfect backdrop for your notes, photos, and reminders. They are easy to clean and resistant to wear, ensuring your board remains pristine for years to come.

Crafted for individualization and designed to offer you a more organized, inspiring and productive workstation.

Our responsibility

Enviromental certifications

At Cube Design, we operate with a sustainable mindset. It's important for us to take responsibility for the environment and make sustainable decisions. That's why we're also proud of our environmental certifications and our EU Ecolabel products.

Beautiful scenery of a river surrounded by greenery in a forest

Our history

Cube Design

Cube Design is a Danish-owned furniture company founded in 1980 by Aase and Curt Berggren. Cube Design develops, manufactures, and sells furniture for offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, cafes, and much more. Alongside our skilled production team, we can deliver almost everything you need for your office.

Cube Design is headquartered in Svenstrup near Hammel, with two showrooms in Svenstrup and Bredgade 33C, Copenhagen K, where you can always see and try our products. We have in-house interior architects who, together with our consultants, can advise you from start to finish.

Our products are particularly known for their longevity. We have high standards for our in-house furniture production, as well as for the partners and subcontractors we use. Quality has always been a hallmark of Cube Design, and we strive to produce and deliver only high-quality furniture. Therefore, we test our furniture to ensure that we always provide excellent design and quality. Cube Design's furniture has and will always have a long lifespan.

Our philosophy is that when functionality and visual appeal come together, it will have a positive impact on the mental and emotional work environment of your employees.

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